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I Tested the New Hydra Bomb Garnier Face Mask

Today, we’re going to review about facial hydration with the new hydra bomb fabric Garnier face mask. The brand promises us the equivalent of a week of hydration with a mask that is put on for only 15 minutes! So, real hydration or marketing argument?

The Hydra Bomb SkinActive fabric masks are part of the Garnier Skin Active range. The range includes no less than three facial tissue masks, corresponding to the specific need of each skin. Thus, there are masks:

Super Hydrating Plumping Mask: this is the mask for dehydrated skin, which needs intense hydration and to is plumped up. This mask is enriched with pomegranate extract, reputed to be one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for health.

Rebalancing Super Hydrating Mask: is ideal for normal to combination skin. Designed with green tea extract, famous for its mattifying properties, it offers the sensation of enveloping the skin and tightening the pores of your face.
Soothing Super Hydrating Mask: ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It is designed with chamomile extract, known for its soothing properties, it relieves feelings of tightness and provides intense hydration to your skin.

At first glance, I must say that the packaging is really very attractive, it makes you want. On each mask, a flower is represented on it, like chamomile on the soothing mask and green tea on the rebalancing mask.

Garnier face mask: Rebalancing Super Hydrating

The Rebalancing Super Hydrating Mask perfectly matches the needs of my skin. I tested it and the least I can say is that it is effective. The fabric, made of 100% natural cellulose fiber, hydrates like a compress.

This mask contains green tea, Hyaluronic Acid, and moisturizing serum to meet the various needs of normal to combination skin. Thus, it tightens the pores and provides rebalanced mattified and purified skin. I really like the pose of this mask which gives instant freshness to the face. Namely, you have to put the mask on with the blue film, which you peel off once the mask is on. It is a technique of installation different from the other masks in fabrics which I know, but it is rather practical.

I loved this mask, in addition to the very pleasant feeling of freshness, it did a lot of good for the skin. At the moment, I had patches of dryness, redness and visible pores. Once the mask is removed, my skin really looks better, it is smoothed, the pores clearly tightened and especially its dryness patches have simply disappeared. I think my skin really needed it because it absorbed all of the product on the mask, however, it is really soaked!

Soothing Hydra Bomb SkinActive fabric mask:

Personally, I tested myself the Garnier face mask recommended for dry and sensitive skin. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but at the moment, with the return of the sun and my allergy, it is becoming somewhat sensitized. This mask contains chamomile, hyaluronic acid, and moisturizing serum to meet the needs of the most fragile skin. Indeed, chamomile is a flower known for its soothing properties, it relieves feelings of tightness and offers intense rehydration accompanied by a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Again, it is a cellulose mask, which hugs my skin perfectly, it is not too small or too large, the size seems correct to me. It fits perfectly on the skin and I did not feel any tingling or burning sensation. 

As a result, my skin totally needed it! It’s amazing because I regularly put on masks, but my skin doesn’t seem dehydrated with the return of sunny days. I let it sit for 15 min, as indicated on the packaging. Following that, my skin completely absorbing the material, I hardly had to massage the excess material. My skin is smooth, soft, plump and visibly hydrated. From there to say that it is for a week, I do not know too much, I doubt, but for the moment, it is very comfortable. 





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