Aukey Dash Cam Manual: Aukey Night Vision Dashcam Review

The Aukey Night Vision Dashcam has received a lot of positive feedback from its users, who advocate its many interesting advantages. We read the Aukey dash cam manual and reviewed the Aukey dash cam for you to provide you a most honest and unbiased review. Indeed, it has been rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, thanks to the multiple functions it has.

It provides sleek image quality, even when riding at high speed. Added to this, the Aukey Night Vision Dashcam is easy to install. The advantage of the Aukey Night Vision Dashcam is that it provides good night vision and therefore does not need brightness to take a nice sharp video in full HD.

Aukey dash cam manual: Advantages of the Aukey Night Vision Dashcam

We installed the dashcam in our car according to the instructions given on the Aukey dash cam manual. As you may have guessed, the Aukey Night Vision Dashcam is a very good car camera, which has it all. It is compact, easy to install and use and offers all kinds of advantageous functions. Now here are some of the many advantages of the Aukey Dashcam night vision car camera, namely:

  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to install.
  • Full HD video quality.
  • Good night vision.
  • It has a b angles.

The test

Compared to the other camera already tested, it is not difficult to see that that of Aukey is better in several points:

  • 1080p vs 720p
  • 170 degrees vs 120degrees
  • Wifi vs no wifi
  • WDR technology vs no image enhancement

Afterward, there are still a few negative points (depending on everyone’s preferences):

  • No suction cup, but a self-adhesive part, so less possibility of repositioning after installation
  • No screen

The dashcam is of very good quality and the perfect finish, all the parts are very well assembled and fixed.
It is fully articulated at the level of the foot which will allow you to fix it on any type of screen, very thin like the old screens, you will even be able to position it on a table, your desk a piece of furniture.

On the front of the dashcam, you have the optics which are of very good quality, the 1/3 ″ CMOS image sensor, it captures your image in low light ≤5 lux very well.
While chatting with your correspondent you will be able to move because the image will remain clear from 0.3 to 5 meters, you have an angle of 55°.

As mentioned in the Aukey dash cam manual, you also have 2 possibilities to power this dashcam: either via the cigarette lighter socket or via the power table.

The recording formats are very good you have, 1080p (30fps), 720p (30fps), 480p (30fps), 240p (30fps), so as you can see a large choice offered by this dashcam.
The sound is still very good for a dashcam, if you make recordings you will have to increase the sensitivity.
The length of the USB cable is 2 meters if that allows you to position the webcam away from the PC, a real comfort.

Furthermore, WiFi cannot be deactivated.
On the video recording side, you mainly have 3 choices: automatic, loop or motion detection. Once the MicroSD card is filled, the old videos are automatically overwritten. Videos are recorded with a duration of one minute each time.

By cons, when the camera is turned on at night, you have blue/red LEDs (REC and Power) that flash all the time on your side, which is a bit annoying, it looks a little cop or Christmas wreath …
The camera head can rotate 180 °, which makes it easier to adjust the shooting horizontally.
In terms of video quality, it’s 1080p at 30fps, so the image quality is very good and the video smooth. The plates are illegible at a distance of about 5m I would say.

Aukey dash cam manual: The Cons of the Aukey Night Vision Dashcam

It is true that the Aukey night vision Dashcam is an excellent model of car camera, which has obtained many positive reviews on the net thanks to the advantages it offers. However, you should know that the Aukey night vision Dashcam still has some restrictive aspects, which have bothered some users and which represent a real disadvantage for some. Here are the disadvantages of the Aukey night vision Dashcam, namely:

  • Its plastic shell is quite fragile and can break easily.
  • it is not possible to adjust the video quality of the Dashman Aukey.


It is a dashcam with a quality/price ratio which is completely correct. 1080p at 30fps is the minimum I think is necessary to see the plates well in case you need them. No screen, but wifi, so requires a smartphone and Android or iOS to download the application and manage this dashcam.
Fixing with adhesive tape, so once glued, more difficult to refill.

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