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The Diamond apple watch bezel is a luxury accessory to add with your Apple watch. The add-on is suitable along with Apple Watch 42mm Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, Sport, Edition, all 42mm versions. They are petrifying decorations to match with your Apple strap. Let’sunbox the apple watch along with a brief review.

The elegant watch costs you $9.75. It comes along with 36 months warranty. Get the shining diamond cover for your watch in such a reasonable amount.

Diamond apple watch bezel: Unboxing

The box exclusively contains diamond bezel. Apple Watch and strap are not part of it. The color range consists of 5 mesmerizing shades.  You can choose the color of your choice. The hues consist of Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Red, and Silver.

Watch bezel comes with foxy packaging. It protects your original panel from scratches. The apple watch bezel is to enhance the grace of your watch. Keep in mind that the diamond bezel is not a screen protector. Diamonds on the bezel are delicate and require care.

Diamond apple watch bezel consists of clips underneath it. Some users complain their bezel doesn’t fit with the watch. That might be because they don’t tight the clips securely or their watch version is not compatible along with the watch diamond bezel. Remember to secure the pins tightly to hold the watch in one place.

You can easily reach your watch power button, digital crown, watch screen and speakers with bezel fittings. The product is lightweight, fancy, and stiff.

You can wear these luxurious watch bezel on formal events, parties, friends or family gatherings, and at office meetings. Wrap the gorgeous, sterling sparky around your Apple watch and enjoy the compliments.

Diamond apple watch bezel: Price

The Diamond apple watch bezel makes your screen equally surface able as the original. The shinning diamond cover to your watch comes with $9.75.crackes and scratches happen and it’s better to take some precautions. If the precautions become much more pretty then what’s better than that.

The diamond bezel watch comes with a warranty of 36 months. In case of damaged, faulty or inaccurate product, you can return it.

Apple watches are expensive and their display panels are quite delicate. They require extra care and protection. Precaution is better than cure. In addition, The sparkling rhinestones surround the curvy edges on the thin curvy glass on the top of the apple watch display panel.

A few dollars to save you from a hundred dollars loss. If your glass becomes cracked or curve edges become breach replace it with rectangular pretty sleek Diamond apple watch bezel.


The box comes along with the 1 metal 3D jazzy watch dial cover. It is 42mm in size. The package dimensions are 4.5 x 2.7 x 0.2 inches. It is surrounded by tiny diamonds. The women and men diamond bezel watch comes in a fancy aluminum 3D bling material. Rhinestones are embedded along aluminum alloy to cover the crystal.

The Diamond apple watch bezel is compatible along Apple Watch 42mm Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, Sport, Edition, all 42mm versions. Many people face the issue of bezel popping out or falling down. This is due to incompatibility with the iwatch series. It comes in a variety of colors. The shades start from Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Red, and Silver.

Watch bezel contains clips underneath it to firmly grip over the crystal of the smartwatch.  The clips help to hold the watch bezel in one place. Flip your watch and tightly pin the clips over the convex piece of glass. Unless rough usage you won’t have a fall.

The tiny diamonds are embedded along with the rectangular design and around the curved glass edges. The diamonds may fall out but if they are in warranty time you will have a refund. Contrarily, this is better than roles watch bezel whose expensive diamonds pop out the minute you take it out of the box. Price is economical than Rolex watch diamond bezel. Additionally, you can wear it on formal and informal functions.


The Diamond apple watch bezel is easy to apply. It comes with 2 clips underneath it. Take out one strap of your smartwatch out. Flip the dial of iwatch and tightly tug the clips. Also, make sure your watch bezel is compatible along with the type of watch. If you lock down the clips firmly your bezel won’t budge off.

You can easily navigate the interface with the watch bezel. The sparkly addition to your watch has a touch screen. It allows you access to other parts of the watch as well. You can easily plug or attach your charger along with it. To insert the micro SD card you may need to unclip the watch bezel.

The Diamond apple watch bezel protects the crystal, edges, and screen of your watch. Cracks and scratches happen and it’s better to cover your display panel.

It had a habit of falling down but it could be explained. The watch bezel is made of metal, which can easily damage your iwatch panel.

It has excellent durability. It has a habit of stucking in clothes or falling out. But unless rough usage your diamonds won’t pop off.

It is the best giftable product. Better than Gucci bezel watch which comes along with casual colors. Gucci bezel watch is informal and unpretentious. You can wear this watch bezel in your office meetings as well at your friend’s wedding.


The Diamond apple watch bezel is a fancy 3D bling add-up for your Apple smartwatch. The watch bezel is exclusively for iwatch series. This product inside the box is compatible along with specific apple smartwatches.

Make your watch sterling silver shinning in $9.75 along with 36 months warranty. Likewise, they tend to be pocket-friendly and are well built. You can change the look of your Apple smartwatch in some dollars.

You can use it with Apple Watch 42mm Series 3, Series 2, Series 1, Sport, Edition, all 42mm versions. It is suitable for both women and men diamond bezel watch.

The product differs in shades. You can choose the color range of Rose Gold, Black, silver, Golden, and Red.

Diamond apple watch bezel has a shiny luxury design. It has a rectangular design and curved glass edges look pretty sleek. The rhinestones are embedded in the aluminum alloy. The diamonds fall blob over time. Also, the crystal won’t come off.

It has 2 bobs to make sure it stays on the ring of you. If clips are not tightened, the apple watch bezel falls off. There is a risk of dropping the watch bezel and losing it forever. Appropriate clip close won’t let your watch bezel to budge.

The 3D bling just not make your watch gorgeous but it is also excellent to protect your watch. The watch bezel covers your smartwatch panel and display interface. In fact, It is a touch screen orientated. You will not find any difficulty in navigating the interface or accessing other parts of your apple watch.

The Diamond apple watch bezel has Stylish delicate and prestigious looks. It makes it a worthy Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas gift for your loved ones. Wear it on your family gatherings, friends meet up, parties, or office meetings and enjoy the compliments.

Our Unbiased Review


  • Excellent compatibility
  • Protection against scratches and glass crack
  • Affordable price
  • Elegant luxurious design
  • Adds grace to your boring watch
  •  Premium quality
  • Comes with 36 months warranty


Rhinestones fell off

  • Clips become lose over time
  • Rhinestone may pops out
  •  Falls out if not compatible along watch series

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