Anker Soundcore Pro: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Anker’s SoundCore Pro + portable speaker completes the range of SoundCore speakers from the brand whose SoundCore Boost we have already tested. Repeating the custom of providing you with most unbiased reviews we consulted with experts and tested the Anker Soundcore Pro ourselves.

The use of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is suitable for all circumstances. With this multimedia device, you can perfectly listen to music or receive a call while in the shower. It is designed with materials that are resistant not only to water but also to dust.

The SoundCore Pro + is, however, presented as the largest portable speaker in the series. More powerful and consequently more imposing, but also heavier. However, it remains portable with a weight of 760 grams which commands respect.

Anker Soundcore Pro + first impression

Despite an IPX4 certification, which guarantees Anker Soundcore Pro resistance to water and dust, often synonymous with robustness and coarse lines. The design of the speaker is relatively simple although it is not covered with acoustic fabric.

Indeed, the enclosure consists of a structure in black anodized steel which forms the entire body. This absence of hydrophobic treated acoustic fabrics also explains the only IPX4 certification of the speaker rather than IPX5 which would have guaranteed its immersion! Indeed, the enclosure is resistant to splashes but was not designed to resist total immersion. However, the all-steel structure, its finish and the weight of the device give it an impression of quality that can be verified.

The only defect of this metal chassis would be its tendency to keep fingerprints as long as the hands are not perfectly dry.
On the other hand, the top of the speaker is made of a soft and rigid dark plastic like a lower strip that goes around the speaker and hides its connectors. This same lower strip highlights the lines of the product. It also provides a better grip than the aforementioned steel chassis. While on the front side we will find the aluminum logo of the brand. This contributes to the first impression of neat appearance of the product.

Connections and embedded technologies

On the top of the speaker just mentioned, there are the on / off control buttons, volume control, play/pause, and the Bluetooth pairing button.
These same buttons even offer more commands thanks to an ingenious multi-pressure system which prevents them from multiplying. In this way, pressing the play button twice quickly allows you to go to the next track. When pressed for a longer time triggers Siri for Apple smartphone owners or any other voice assistant.

Anker Soundcore Pro: Design

We note here that the anker soundcore pro does not come with an AC adapter. But only a micro USB cable for charging purposes. However, the latter is intended to be relatively quick, more than 3 hours, to fully recharge the enclosure after a complete discharge!

Besides after full charge, it is a total greater than the autonomy of 18h more than respectable advanced by the manufacturer that we have been able to verify since it is just more than 19h in normal use that the enclosure has assured us.
We will specify that we mean by normal use an average volume and the taking of some telephone calls. The latter has not been more greedy than reason with regard to the battery of the product.

Sound reproduction and conclusion

Although its main argument is that of anker soundcore pro power of 25W which makes it the most powerful speaker in the range. It was his realism that challenged us! If the Anker speakers have already been criticized for a certain tendency to distort a signal. But it is clear that the shot has been corrected!

The argument of its power also makes sense in that the speaker ensures very good sound diffusion. The bass highlights the feeling of fullness. Moreover, without pushing it to its limit, the volume provided is suitable and above all faithful to the imposed track.

Only in maximum volume, the bass could appear too dominant for some and some music would seem more aggressive. This is an often recurring problem of nomadic speakers, but which is not at all alarming here. The power of the speaker precisely allows not to have to push it to its limits to obtain an already very loud volume.

In this way, the Anker SoundCore Pro + brings together all the essentials that should be expected from a portable speaker. Especially since they are sublimated by the power of which it is part which gives it a configuration where its precision is noticed!

Some Other Models to Consider other than Anker Soundcore Pro

In addition, partially or fully submerged, some models can even be used underwater for a fixed period without suffering any damage. outside by the pool and even in the shower, my speaker follows me everywhere. Below are our recommendations to help you choose yours!

JBL Charge 3 Waterproof portable speaker

With this favorite number 4, you benefit from a high capacity battery (6000 mAh) offering a sufficient autonomy of 20 hours. The JBL Charge 3 is equipped with: a USB port that allows you to charge tablets and smartphones, a hands-free kit for making and taking calls, and a frequency of 65Hz-20kHz which guarantees an aesthetic sound.

In addition, a JBL Connect option allows you to create your own wireless ecosystem connecting several other speakers equipped with the JBL Connect function. The JBL Charge 3 is also a waterproof enclosure (IPX7) which can be immersed in water. Consequently, neither rain nor splashes are likely to degrade it entirely or partially.

The JBL Charge 3 is compatible with a certain number of devices (Apple, iPhone, Android, etc.), in any case the guarantee of sound performance of good quality. It is even possible to connect three smartphones or tablets at the same time for an even more enriching listening experience.

Waterproof Deepow Bluetooth speaker

The Deepow has IP67 certification. Mounted with a lithium battery (3000 mAh), it is solid (shockproof), waterproof (waterproof) and able to resist dust. This type of enclosure is perfect for a holiday by the sea, at the pool or for the practice of various water sports.

So you can really prepare to use it on any occasion. Its compatibility with Android and iPhone, with TV and other Bluetooth devices, testifies to the flexibility of use that it concedes. The quality also shows through in its acoustics. The speaker has dual drivers of five watts each and provides stereo sound. Autonomy level, it is not less interesting. You get almost 12 hours of music playback or talk time.

In addition, with a total weight of 322 grams, the waterproof Deepow Bluetooth speaker is quite light and fits in a mini format.

POWERADD 36W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The POWERADD Bluetooth speaker has received generally positive reviews and it is not without reason. With its 2 X 13W and 2 X 5W stereo speakers, you can enjoy the powerful, clear and energetic sound.

With an IPX7 standard, the POWERADD is at the same time waterproof, resistant to sand and immune to all kinds of shocks. Whatever the destination you are considering (swimming pool, camping, travel, party, garden, fishing, driving, beach, seaside, etc.), you will certainly not fail to appreciate it for all its performance.

Usable indoors and outdoors, the POWERADD has 12 hours of battery life provided by a high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The presence of a charging port should also be noted. You can use it as an emergency battery to charge your various devices (tablet, phone, etc.).

In addition, thanks to an integrated microphone, it is possible to make and receive hands-free phone calls.

Bose Bluetooth speaker SoundLink Micro

Completely waterproof (IPX7), the Bose SoundLink Micro speaker has a robust coating and at the same time soft to the touch. By choosing this compact model, you are guaranteed to have a clean and balanced sound with incomparable bass.

In addition, this enclosure goes there with a tear-proof strap and can be brought everywhere. The integrated hands-free function to make or answer calls or even to access the Google Assistant on your phone is a significant advantage. It promotes better handling and optimal use, with the key to autonomy that can stretch up to 6 hours.

Thanks to its small size and lightweight (290 grams), you can carry the Bose Bluetooth SoundLink Micro speaker anywhere. Hanging on your bag, hidden in the palm of your hand or even placed on a table, it guarantees you a unique acoustic adventure.

JBL GO Bluetooth portable speaker

This device has connectivity with (cable jack input available) or wireless. Equipped with hands-free functionality, the JBL GO has an overall autonomy of 5 hours provided by an easily and quickly rechargeable battery.

Usable with iOS or Android devices, this Bluetooth speaker of just 133 grams is certainly one of the lightest models available on the market.

Apart from the weight, it seduces with its sound quality. The integrated Bluetooth technology offers comfortable listening to music, whatever the sound source. So, through your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can enjoy the quality of sound from the speakers.

Choose your waterproof Bluetooth speaker

A Bluetooth speaker allows you to listen to music, without the bulk generated by wired devices. But, between the different models like Anker soundcore pro that exist on the market, it can be quite painful to make a decision to buy.

To choose well, you must, therefore, pay attention to a few criteria that I have grouped into four main points: autonomy, weight, sound performance, connectors.

Waterproof enclosure autonomy

For sedentary use, the autonomy of the device is not really a relevant criterion. It is the power that must be the object of particular attention. Note here that the power does not necessarily relate to the size of the speaker. There are mini-speakers on the market which offer an impressive volume of reproduction.

With regard to nomadic models, autonomy is decisive. In this regard, a good Bluetooth speaker is capable of holding on average up to 5 hours of the clock, at medium volume. The most efficient models have an autonomy of up to 10 hours or more.


The weight also constitutes a fairly important criterion in the choice of a portable Bluetooth speaker. For an optimal grip, it should be suitable for all kinds of manipulations. The recommended weight is approximately 650 g.

Connections available

In terms of Bluetooth speakers, the connection must be taken into account. Some models are equipped with Jack’s input. They allow you to save your autonomy by connecting directly to all types of devices. Still, others have a micro SD card slot or a USB socket for charging.


The performance here relates much more to the quality of the sound. For proximity listening, look for a musical speaker instead of a powerful speaker. This type of speaker offers a much more faithful audio reproduction. In this case, it seems more appropriate to approach the stores to carry out conclusive tests.

However, to have a better Bluetooth speaker in terms of quality, it is recommended to choose high-end models.

The different sealing standards

Standards guarantee the solidity of one model over another. The models available on the market like Anker Soundcore Pro have a certain number of capacities which encourage more or less optimal use of the device.

  • If your device has the IPX5 standard, you can use it in the shower or even in summer, around the pool without fear of water splashes and dust.
  • The IPX6 standard allows you to perform nautical activities. The enclosure is able to float on the surface of the water without hindrance. While the IPX7 standard promotes a total, but the temporary immersion of the Bluetooth speaker in water. The duration of the immersion is estimated at 30 minutes.
  • With IP64 certification, your device can not only resist water and dust, but also shock and sand.
  • IP67 protection guarantees even more optimal use than the previous version. The enclosure is completely protected against water and supports both dust and shocks (shockproof protection).


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